CEF Vision System

CEF Vision System is an overall solution for your vehicle camera system. The system is scalable as required from simple solutions to a versatile camera system according to customer requirements. The system consists of a matrix switch, displays, image sensors and peripheral devices.

CEF Vision System

An overall solution for your camera system.

–    The system is compliant with any PAL/NTSC sensors
–    Universal CAN BUS interface
–    Versatile view control and camera control
–    System control to displays with integrated buttons or external control

The CEF-Vision system is an overall camera solution for vehicle use in crisis situations. It fulfills crisis situation requirements and is thus safe and reliable to use even in the most demanding conditions.

The system is user-friendly and easy to modify and maintain. The system is based on open interfaces, enabling the use of third party devices such as cameras and thermal cameras.

The analog video signal used in the system operates in real time and has no unsafe delays.

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You can find more information about the displays included with the system from here.