Sheet metal product development, manufacturing and subcontracting

Our skilled project personnel takes care of our customers projects from the beginning to the end, from the design phase to coating and fine-tuning. Our employees have a long experience of sheet metal products requiring absolute manufacturing accuracy.


Product planning and design are an essential phase of our product development

Product development includes the following work phases if required

    • Design
    • Industrial design
    • Usability and ergonomics design
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Product testing

We use CAD/CAM design technology as much as possible. 3D design enables creating the highest quality sheet-metal parts. At the same time we can ensure that the product is measured correctly, is functional and possible to fabricate. This saves us from unnecessary work and extra costs during the production phase


    • Punching machine Finn-Power E6, sheet size 1500 x 3000 mm
    • Punching machine Finn-Power LPE5, sheet size 1250 x 2500 mm, Combi
    • 3 press brakes, maximum squaring width 3 m

      Laser welding robot

    • Laser welding robot, working space 1.5 x 3 m
    • ACF Corner former machine
    • Spot-welding portal
    • MIG welding robot
    • MIG and TIG welding
    • Gluing station
    • Two swage nut machines (PEM)
    • Pickling 1 x 3 m
    • Bonderite –treatment, cleaning line
    • Powder coating facility

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