CEF-DinXS offers a highly compact and affordable solution for controlling and monitoring industrial systems. The required  extension possibilities and outstanding reliability enables the  cost-effective usage of CEF-DinXS in various industrial systems.

The brand new CEF-DinXS is the little brother of the DinX industrial computer. It offers the similar performance and reliability as its bigger brother.
 All necessary basic functions and extension possibilities required to control and monitor various industrial systems are found in the device.

Despite the affordable price it is as reliable and efficient as our other industrial computers.
Due to the compact size and the modular and versatile mounting structure CEF-DinXS can also be assembled and operated when connected to various devices without a DIN-rail.

CEF-DinXS is ideal for distributed systems, where multiple devices are required, e.g. embedded single device controls and interfaces.
The CEF-DinXS´s maintenance free operation is made possible by a passive cooling system and a mass memory consisting of a 2,5” SATA drive and a SD memory card.

If your system needs more features and extension possibilities, it is easy to connect separate power supplies, UPS´s, switches, routers and splitters to the CEF-DinXS.
If separate extension devices are not an option, you can see if the big brother CEF-DinX or some of our other industrial computers could offer you
more suitable configuration and extension possibilities..

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