A unique combination: compact size, high performance and a wide range of interfaces and features.

CEF-LiteX – Performance in a compact form

A Unique combination of compact size and high performance. You can use even an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor that ensures the performance required by resource-heavy applications. Even though CEF-liteX features excellent performance, it is still extremely compact and makes space-saving solutions possible.

The device has an extensive range of interfaces and features that can also be easily expanded with the additional mini-PCIe card slot. It also offers the opportunity for a built-in DVD-RW drive, unique in its size category.

The case is equipped with an air filter that ensures that dust and dirt do not deteriorate durability and performance of the device.

The programmable power supply offers numerous power management features – an optimal choice for use in a car, for instance!

With its versatile mounting fixtures and points, you can mount the device almost anywhere.

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