Hot-Swap fans and hard disk, a wide range of alarm and warning features, good expandability, small installation depth and several of performance and expansion options.

CEF-Quantum2 – The most versatile 2U industrial PC on the market

CEF-Quantu2 is a high performance 2U industrial PC for demanding conditions. Durability, easy maintenance and usability are its key features.

Hot-Swap fans and hard drives make it possible to perform maintenance activities without interrupting the device’s operation. In addition, the overpressurised case is equipped with an air filter and ensures that dust and dirt do not deteriorate performance and durability of the device even in a demanding environment.

Furthermore, CEF-Quantum2 has versatile alert and warning features, enabling the proactive detection of any malfunctions at an early stage.

In addition, the versatile device features good scalability, a small installation depth and various performance options.

All these features make CEF-Quantum2 the most versatile 2U industrial PC on the market.

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