Case Cargotec:

Sraddle carriers upgraded with sandwich panel technology

Cargotec’s Kalmar business area is a leading global supplier of container handling equipment and systems. Kalmar’s comprehensive solutions cover machinery distribution, servicing, port automation and terminal resource management systems.


Power train cover

Kalmar’s straddle carriers are widely used for container handling to ensure efficient port operations.

The power train structure of straddle carriers was upgraded in 2010, which involved improving power train covers in cooperation with CEF. Lightweight and rigid, the sandwich panel structure developed by CEF was adopted both for power train covers and base components of straddle carriers. The accessible structure significantly improves usability; the sandwich panel structured power unit cover comprises two sliding hatches, which allow easy access to servicing and inspection areas.

“In addition to the lightweight, functional power train covers, our customers are satisfied with the RST material used in sandwich panel structures. Container handling equipment has an extremely lengthy life cycle, which the durable, stainless steel power unit covers are able to match even despite exacting nautical weather conditions at ports.” Says R&D engineer from Cargotec Finland Tapani Haikonen.

“CEF engaged in developing the operating principles of the power train upgrade right from the start. In addition, CEF has collaborated with us in refining product functionality and design. They developed power train covers into high-quality products that are convenient for manufacturing purposes. Our partnership with CEF has been first-class.” Haikonen continue.