Case RAY: 

CEF´s devices help RAY to help.

CEF has won two public procurement tenderings organized by RAY. CEF´s responsibility is to manufacture all of RAY´s slot machine CPU units, as well as to be responsible of CPU unit related maintenance and repair services. The contract is valid until further notice, production manager Antti Penttinen from RAY tells.
The products manufactured by CEF are a critical part of RAY´s slot machines. The scope of collaboration is an indication of the diversity of services provided by CEF as well as of the high quality of products and competitiveness. CEF provides RAY with complete life cycle services for CPU units and CPU related units, ranging from manufacturing to service.
RAY has been CEF´s customer for a few years. According to RAY´s Antti Penttinen the criteria for collaboration was especially quality, but in the final choice the competitive price played a role.