Case Stora Enso:

Control Express Finland retooled the new Varkaus Stora Enso paper mill´s paper machine packaging line automation.


A batcher packing paper rolls at Varkaus Stora Enso paper mill.

Control Express Finland retooled the Stora Enso Varkaus paper mill´s automation from Simatic S5 series logic to S7-400F series logic 2013.

The batcher’s old Siemens S5 series control system equipped with logic series components was updated to a new one. The primary aim was to ensure the life cycle continuation for the old batcher by securing the supply of spare parts. In addition updating the device enabled increase in usability and maintenance by utilizing modern technology.

Work phases

    •  The control logic was changed to Siemens S7-400F series logic.
    •  The control terminal was changed with a completely new compatible SCADA system, including two servers and two client workstations. This ensured reliable operation and the ability to operate from two different workstations simultaneously.
    • The factory data system communication was updated to Ethernet communication from dated serial communication.
    •  While retooling the control system, customer specific applications were implemented to the new control system, such as manual operation of chosen devices. These features did not exist in the old system.
    • Dated absolute encoders were replaced with new profibus encoders.
    • Dated inner and outer end label setters were replaced by robots that communicate with the batcher´s control system via profibus.

CEF Automation

CEF´s automation unit has accomplished numerous difficult automation projects. Our professional personnel has a many years of experience in the design and implementation of automation projects. Our expertise includes:

    • Design (circuit diagrams, cabling and coupling)
    • Programming
    •  Testing
    • Implementations
    • Documentation

We have not restricted the use of devices and software to the ones we import ourselves, but use equipment in accordance to project needs and customers requests.