Case Teleste:

CEF as a technology partner to Teleste

CEF has developed the Mobile Network Recorder – video recorder according to Teleste´s requirements to be a part of the system marketed by Teleste.

The device is developed for demanding conditions, to endure e.g. trembling and heat. The special field of CEF is to manufacture devices for demanding conditions.  “The project work with CEF went in a smooth way and I was well informed how the project was advancing from the beginning to the end. The product corresponds to the expectations and fulfills our demands excellently”, Jouni Johansson, product manager of Teleste Video Networks unit tells.

“Control Express Finland was able to take into account our own system, the needs of our customers and to work excellently despite the tight schedule”. Teleste´s Video Network unit manager Olivier Nitre tells. We have aims to develop new corresponding solutions in the future in collaboration to increase Teleste´s competitiveness in the market.