CEF – Technology partnership

In technology partnership we act as the customer’s partner and are responsible for mutually agreed procedures during the partnership. The customer can outsource us with all of its technology requirements and calmly focus on its own core business. We provide our customer with development ideas and technical support during the whole partnership.

We provide the following

  • Experience and technology knowledge
  • Customer support and development ideas during the whole partnership
  • Product development, industrial designer and correct testing
  • Project leader who takes care of things and schedule
  • Manufacturing products in a professional manner
  • Maintenance service, which helps in case the worse happens
  • All services under one roof
  • Most of all: a good night’s sleep

Technology partnership phases

Technical expert

The requirements of the customer are charted in condition as well as in environment charting. Technology reports are made and development ideas are provided during the whole partnership

Product development

We plan, design and test the products in a correct way according to customer requirements.


We manufacture products in a professional manner and test all products carefully. The manufactured products and the parts we use are always traceable for later use.


In case your products require service, all comprehensive maintenance services can be found under the same roof. Spare parts and replacement device services are provided also if required.

Comprehensive product management

    • Ensured availability
    • Managed changes
    • EOL –follow up and management
    • Device follow up and management

If you want to know more about the technology partnership, please contact us!

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